Oct. 21 2014 05:46 PM

The Favela family infuses its beers with flavors from Mexico

From left: Martin, David and Marcel Ivan Favela
Photo by Alex Zaragoza

Four Mexicans walk into a bar. Sounds like the beginning of an offensive joke, right? For the first time in terrible-joke history, the outcome won't end with a racist punchline. Border X Brewing is making sure of that.

Celebrating a year in business in November, Border X is the brainchild of brothers Martin and Marcel Ivan Favela; their dad, Marcelino Favela; and their uncle, David Favela. Martin and Marcel Ivan have taken on the task of brewing beautifully balanced beer with a bicultural edge. Each beer pays homage to their Latino heritage by incorporating ingredients meaningful to the Mexican community.

Their Blood Saison, for example, is a bright-red, light beer made with hibiscus, the main ingredient in agua de Jamaica, a tart Mexican drink found at every taco shop that knows what it's doing. The brew's delightfully sour and sweetened with agave syrup purchased at Tijuana's Mercado Hidalgo. It took third place at this year's San Diego International Beer Festival. They also make their smoky, sweet Abuelita Chocolate Stout with Abuelita, a brand of Mexican hot chocolate found in Latino households. These beers have helped Border X connect with Latino drinkers, who pack the brewery's Otay Mesa tasting room (8684 Avenida de la Fuente) on Fridays and Saturdays and clean them out of their drink supply in just two days.

 "We hit the target with those beers because they match our vision," David Favela says. "Border X is about crossing borders in taste, in culture, in music, in art and in beer."

Border X Brewing opened a second location in Barrio Logan that recently closed down, but only because they're moving across the street. A grand opening should be held early next year.

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