Oct. 28 2014 06:36 PM

Tristan Shone says new songs are heavier and faster

Author & Punisher
Luke Haughwaut

Tristan Shone, aka Author & Punisher, is getting ready to record a new album with producer Phil Anselmo, frontman for The Illegals and former vocalist for legendary groove-metal band Pantera.

Shone toured with Anselmo, who also runs Housecore Records and Nosferatu's Lair studio in New Orleans, shortly before the release of Author & Punisher's third album, Women and Children. When Shone was working out the terms of the tour, he got an interesting offer from Housecore. 

"They said, 'You have to do a release with Housecore,' just kind of jokingly," Shone says in a phone interview between tour stops. "And I was, like, 'Oh, maybe.' But after meeting them and hanging out with them, it was a no-brainer."

Shone is recording the new album in New Orleans starting this week, and though there's no specific amount of time carved out, he says that Anselmo suggested that "if we get to Turkey Day, we'll take a break." Shone also says listeners can expect a more direct and intense album this time around.

"It's heavy," he says. "A lot of the stuff is really fast. I'm not going to say it's grindcore, but it's not as doomy.

"There's nothing soft on this one," he continues. "Everything's live. There's some looping, but I'll do it live. I get frustrated when I can't reproduce something live—it really kills the vibe. It's not that I don't like those songs; I just hate not being able to play them."

There's one other thing that Shone says the album won't be: long.

"I've got about eight or nine new songs," he says. "I didn't want the album to be longer than 40 minutes. I want it to fit nicely on vinyl." 

For the time being, the album doesn't have an release date or title, but Shone says he'll do a West Coast tour from Dec. 3 through 13, which will include a show in San Diego.

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