Nov. 4 2014 05:13 PM

Channels' to be released at the end of the month

Ed Ghost Tucker

    After performing together for two years, Ed Ghost Tucker are finally getting ready to release their debut EP. The six-track Channels is due out at the end of November and features cover art by Austin-based graphic designer Brian Gossett. The band's been working on the EP for the past six months, and, as bass player Cameron Wilson explains in an interview at Cosmos Coffee in La Mesa, the process kept getting dragged out.

    "We always think of a new little layer to add to the songs," he says.

    The EP is the first in a planned pair of EPs. Wilson says the band's been playing a core of about 12 songs in its live sets; six songs will end up on this release, and the other six will be recorded for another EP shortly after this first comes out. 

    "We have this strategy: We tackle these six songs on this EP, and just get 'em out," he says. "And then we move on to the next six."

    A couple of the songs have been previously released as videos or free streams, but the new versions will sound considerably different in their re-recorded form. Guitarist Rutger Rosenborg says that their next EP will be a step in another new direction.

    "We're always ahead of our recordings," he says. "We don't really like to do the same thing twice."

    Ed Ghost Tucker will play a record-release show on Nov. 22 at Soda Bar and a pre-release show—with a listening party—on Nov. 14 at Palihouse in West Hollywood. For now, only a digital release is planned, but Rosenborg says that there's likely to be a CD or limited vinyl release, as well.

    "I definitely want to have some physical component, because we commissioned an artist for the cover," he says. "The physicality adds to the experience." 

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