Nov. 5 2014 04:03 PM

L.A. artist performs 'Perfect Kind of Love' on the MTS


Often, the most meaningful gestures are small, especially when it comes to love. It sounds cliché (and is probably the gist of most Hallmark Valentine's Day cards), but it's true: It doesn't take grandiosity to convey love. If one person knows that, it's Kim DiVine. 

In this episode of A Trolley Show, the L.A. singer-songwriter performs "Perfect Kind of Love," a tiny song with a big message. Strummed in a style reminiscent of Eels' Mark Oliver Everett, DiVine's disarmingly simple song charms the trolley passengers, especially the man sitting behind her, who's clearly trying his hardest not to let his interest in the love song show.


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