Nov. 10 2014 06:11 PM

San Diegan's upcoming solo show includes electronic, interactive work that prompts people to question power

“Proverb Generator” by Dave Ghilarducci

San Diego artist and engineer Dave Ghilarducci's new work blends aesthetics with electronics and engages the audience through playful anti-authoritarianism.

"I have this bizarre respect and lack of respect for authority," says Ghilarducci, whose solo show, Question Authority? opens from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, at HB Punto Experimental (2151 Logan Ave. in Barrio Logan; RSVP to to attend).

The inspiration for three electromechanical sculptures, for example, was Ghilarducci's recent loss of his engineering job. There are worker, management and executive versions, and each cleverly illustrates the amount of work he thinks they actually do.

In another piece, Ghilarducci projects an image of a sheep onto a wall. It looks like a static drawing at first, but floor sensors bring it to life.

"I'm looking at the whole paradigm of art being static, because it's been static for hundreds of years," he says. "While I think there's room for what we've done in the past, I think art needs to evolve."

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