Nov. 18 2014 06:38 PM

Ypsitucky will play a debut show this month

Clockwise from left: Paul Brewin, Ruben Ramos, Heather Vorwerck and Ian Trumbull

Country / folk group El Monte Slim are on hiatus right now, but while that band has taken a break, three of its members have started up a new outfit called Ypsitucky

The band is fronted by singer and guitarist Ian Trumbull and includes bass player Ruben Ramos and drummer Paul Brewin. It also features cellist and fiddle player Heather Vorwerck, who's performed occasionally with El Monte Slim. Trumbull says that Ypsitucky came about when El Monte Slim's lap-steel player, Joe Camacho, decided to take a breather.

"We had been working pretty hard at it for five years, but Joe needed a break," Trumbull says. "Everyone else wanted to keep going, so we kept most of the same people but wrote all new songs. It didn't seem right to do El Monte Slim without Joe."

Trumbull says that Ypsitucky have written about 15 songs so far and have been working on some "off-the-wall covers." The project is still in the country / Americana vein but is a little bit more upbeat, he says. 

The name is a reference to a slang term for a town in Michigan where Trumbull had previously lived.

"I lived in Ypsilanti for about eight years before I moved to California," he says. The term is "kind of derogatory—like a backhanded term that means ‘hillbilly.'" 

Ypsitucky's first show will be Nov. 29 at Black Cat Bar, with John Meeks. The band's only been playing together as Ypsitucky for a few months, so there are no recordings yet. But Trumbull says he's itching to get the group on stage for the first time.

"I'm just excited to start playing," he says. "This is the quickest I've ever turned around a band to get ready to play." 

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