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In last week's editorial about Congressmember Scott Peters, we reported that a police search-warrant affidavit indicated that Peters' campaign manager, MaryAnne Pintar, called police on June 5 and reported what materials were given to her that same day by Todd Bosnich, a former campaign staffer to Carl DeMaio. That was inaccurate. Pintar made that call four days later. We're sorry for the error.

DeMaio: no respect

I agree with the content and suppositions of your Oct. 22 editorial about Carl DeMaio, and I'm a conservative Republican who ordinarily would be voting along the party line. The claims against DeMaio appear more substantive than just political dirty tricks. The sexual-harassment claims, for example, are not inconsistent with previous observations described by other San Diego City Council members in the past. Moreover, it raises the question about, "How did it come to pass, that an openly gay candidate found himself working, day to day in close proximity, and after-hours socializing with another openly gay staff member?" The previous allegations against DeMaio, in the context of his daily close contact with Todd Bosnich raise the probable likelihood that something happened. And whatever that something was, it turned a dedicated staff supporter into a devastated ex-supporter.

If similar accusations had been made against Scott Peters by an attractive younger female staff worker, who worked so closely with Mr. Peters that, according to Mr. Peters, she had access to his personal email login information, including his password, I'd be inclined to consider those accusations, as well.

Apparently, Mr. DeMaio has concluded that Mr. Peters' closest female staff member is not someone with whom the candidate would likely engage in any inappropriate sexual misconduct—thus, the most recently released email from Mr. DeMaio, degrading a woman he has concluded could not be even remotely tempting to the candidate. Even Mayor Filner, as obviously troubled as he was, had a similar level of respect for women of all sizes. What Mr. DeMaio reveals with that email is that sexuality, in his eyes, trumps anticipated professional behavior and equal respect for others.

Jerry Saline, Olivenhain

Please be funnier

You ask what I think about your Oct. 15 DeMaio editorial. Well, it is about 14 column inches too long. You've said nothing new, so you could've said it all in a couple of pithy paragraphs Of course voters gotta go with their "guts" when choosing between two malodorous putzes.

You could have devoted the space to something more educative, like what to wear for Halloween, for example. Then again, maybe you've commented on it already. Sorry, I don't read you that often (CityBeat is hard to find). But you get my drift. We closed-minded lummoxes need to be illuminated about stuff that makes our lives truly meaningful.

But, seriously, writing funny is probably not your forte. But with the DeMaio masturbatory stuff, you could've slammed a few satirical homers out of Petco Park (à la Carl Hiaasen, to wit). And that would have been a real delight to read. Maybe next time.

Al Dávalos, Rolando

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