Since reopening earlier this year, the Morena venue Brick by Brick has consistently been booking a lot of high-profile hard-rock and metal bands, but on Dec. 1, it'll launch a weekly event specifically for metalheads: Metal Mondays.

Co-owner Phil Sgrosso—who's also a member of metal band Wovenwar with fellow co-owners Nick Hipa and Jordan Mancino—says the event is intended to be a casual get-together for people in the local metal community. 

"Me and the other guys have been to so many metal bars in the country, and we've had so much fun with the music and the atmosphere with other metalheads," he says. "We were thinking of ways on how to fill some of the slower nights and thought maybe we could do something like this—kind of help build up the metal community in San Diego." 

Each Metal Mondays event will feature DJs spinning heavy-metal tracks, as well as drink specials and giveaways. Sgrosso also says that future installments will feature heavy-metal trivia and possibly metal cover bands or metal karaoke. For Sgrosso, who grew up with metal, part of the motivation is to bring some life back into San Diego's metal scene.

"When I was growing up, the metal scene had a strong presence," he says. "It's still there, but it seems like there aren't as many local bands doing shows together now. It's not really structured."

Sgrosso says that while this night is specifically for one type of crowd, he and his partners still want to make the venue a diverse and versatile place to experience music. For one night a week, however, Brick by Brick will turn into your local neighborhood metal bar.

"We want to bring in different fan bases for different genres—some more so than others," he says. "With this, we can just kind of have metalheads unite for a night." 

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