Nov. 25 2014 05:57 PM

Local takes on tunes by Radiohead, The Velvet Underground, The Misfits and others

Sledding with Tigers do a mean Mountain Goats cover.

This week is a time to give thanks, and right now I'm feeling particularly thankful for all the great cover songs our city has produced. Here's a seven-track playlist of some of the best ones: some old, some new, but all fantastic:

"Going to Georgia" by The Mountain Goats (covered by Sledding with Tigers): Sledding with Tigers have covered The Mountain Goats at least thrice, but this is the best studio recording of the three, complete with violin and group vocals in the chorus. They also do a mean live cover of "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton," which is a hoot.

"Exit Music (for a Film) by Radiohead (covered by The Midnight Pine):
The Midnight Pine do a stunning, gothic-folk rendition of this Radiohead OK Computer standout (performing it at the recent San Diego Music Awards), which can go toe-to-toe with the original. It's a starker, darker take on the track.

"I'll Be Your Mirror" by The Velvet Underground (covered by Emerald Rats): Mike Turi's droning, psychedelic take on this 1967 Velvets track lends a combination of density and weightlessness, essentially transforming it into a new song.

"Fascination Street" by The Cure (covered by Retox):
I'm jumping the gun on this a little because the studio version of this song isn't out yet, but Retox have been playing an intense version of The Cure's 1989 goth-rock single live for a while. Hear it on vinyl when it comes out on Dec. 2 (or a 30-second iTunes sample now). 

"Hybrid Moments" by The Misfits (covered by The Burning of Rome): We all love a Misfits cover, right? Of course we do. And this acoustic version by The Burning of Rome is extra-fun. 

"Empire State Human" by The Human League (covered by Optiganally Yours): Toy-synth duo Optiganally Yours have a lot of covers in their catalog, but this may be the best—a crackly and fuzzy take on this synth-pop gem, complete with Atari video game sound effects. 

"Communist China" by Japan (covered by No Knife): This one is a little hard to find. Released as a B-side to their "Jack Boots" 7-inch, "Communist China" is more blistering and intense in No Knife's hands than the glam-tinged, art-rock original. If you can track down a copy, it's worth the search. 

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