Nov. 26 2014 09:06 AM

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Slimy San Diego

Thank you for your Oct. 22 editorial about Carl DeMaio. I have found him to be very unreliable in the interviews and other things I have read and watched. Neither of the candidates were good, but Peters was the lesser evil of the two, in my opinion. Sad to say. San Diego politics are slimier by the minute.

And what in heaven's name is the mayor up to? Trying to con us into voting for a new stadium? He's cozy with the old mayor and big business, but what is he actually doing for the average citizen of San Diego?

Dianne Obeso, University Heights

It's time to legalize it

Regarding Aaryn Belfer's Oct. 29 "Backwards & in High Heels" column about Prop. F in Encinitas and marijuana dispensaries: It's been 18 years since California voters approved medical marijuana. That California legislators are only now getting around to regulating medical marijuana is absurd. They missed the boat.

Restricting access at this point is a gift to Mexican drug cartels. It's time to catch up with Colorado and fully legalize it. If the goal of marijuana prohibition is to subsidize violent drug cartels, prohibition is a grand success. The drug war distorts supply-and-demand dynamics so that big money grows on little trees.

If the goal is to deter use, marijuana prohibition is a catastrophic failure. The United States has almost double the rate of marijuana use as the Netherlands, where marijuana is legal.

The criminalization of Americans who prefer marijuana to martinis has no basis in science. The war on marijuana consumers is a failed cultural inquisition, not an evidencebased public-health campaign. It's time to stop the pointless arrests and instead tax legal marijuana.

Robert Sharpe, Common Sense for Drug Policy, Washington, D.C.

Racism's ‘alive and well'

Regarding Randy Zawis letter to the editor in your Oct. 29 issue: Mr. Zawis is blinded by both a lack of historical knowledge and white racism. As a recently retired history teacher of 42 years and an African-American woman who's lived in three distinct areas of the country, I can assure Mr. Zawis that racism is alive and well, especially in many major city police departments.

The reason the NAACP came into existence was to prevent lynching—an estimated 50,000 black Americans were murdered between the end of the Civil War and the early 1990s. Many of these lynchings were committed by sheriffs and police in the KKK or who watched and did nothing as these atrocities were committed.

Not all police hate blacks, Hispanics or gays, but Mr. Zawis needs to read accounts of statistics from municipal and state governments and the Department of Justice and FBI on the number of people of color beaten or shot to death or simply hassled, harassed and intimidated by those sworn to serve and protect us. Unfortunately, many of these people only protect Caucasian Americans.

That one puny example of the young man in Utah shot by a policeman of color pales (no pun intended) in comparison to the number of people of color who have been murdered by police and the incidents were ruled justifiable homicide.

God save us if Darren Wilson is set free for the killing of Michael Brown, who was guilty only of walking down a street in Missouri while black.

Peggy M. Spates-Johnson, Southcrest

‘Cool' Zaragoza

I just wanted to say that I love columnist Alex Zaragoza's writing ["There She Goz"]. I grew up in San Ysidro and North Park and always wanted to tell her that it's really cool to read about her anecdotes and journey from the South Bay to CityBeat. I hope Alex can find the time to mentor or role-model other cool aspiring girls like her.

Hugo Rivera, San Ysidro

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