Dec. 10 2014 09:17 AM

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Peters won—let's move on

Regarding your Nov. 12 editorial: I think we're done with Carl DeMaio and should move on. The people have spoken and re-elected Congressman Scott Peters.

In fairness, I doubt that you know for a fact that Scott Peters was happy to have his opponent dragged through the mud. Since we're speculating here, I would guess that Peters was not happy to have to deal with allegations of the sort that have dogged DeMaio, nor did Peters enjoy in any way having such a freaky extreme opponent. No need to beat a dead horse.

Peters knows how to run a tough campaign, and he knows how to raise money to support his candidacy. He stakes out a moderate place on the Congressional spectrum, and he provides good constituent service to his politically moderate district. Peters maintains what U-T San Diego columnist Logan Jenkins accurately called his "wintry charm" and applies his intelligence to resolving problems of the day. We're all better for it.

Frances O'Neill Zimmerman, La Jolla

The Parties must vet better

In regard to your Nov 19 editorial, "The deal with Todd Bosnich": It would be nice to know if Carl DeMaio really did harass Bosnich, as the Bosnich allegations must have impacted the election results.

In the case of Bob Filner, I was most disappointed with the local Democratic Party, as they must have known about Filner's behavior prior to the election. In the same vein, it would be nice to know if the local Republican Party was aware of any behaviorial problems that DeMaio demonstrated.

In any case, San Diego politics has been atracting some strange people. Could it be that these people are spending too much time in the sun? Could it be that powerful people in San Diego have no scruples? In other words, they are willing to back anyone who will advance their goals.

I urge both parties to vet their candidates in the future and to promote candidates with meaningful backgrounds and with good intentions.

Ronald I. Harris Scripps Ranch.

Get with the plan

I hadn't heard of the California Master Plan for Higher Education until I read your Nov. 26 editorial. It's always depressing to hear about people getting screwed over because of their socioeconomic class.

I think you're absolutely right that California must make all of its schools "accessible to anyone with a desire to work hard and dream big." I also like how you mentioned that state Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon have suggestions on how to solve this funding crisis. I will be sure to read more into that! Thanks for the article.

Jaleesa Johnson, Los Angeles

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