Dec. 16 2014 06:32 PM

Venue is faced with closure in May

Porter’s Pub
Photo by K. Oyama

Another venue on the UCSD campus is facing closure in 2015. Six months after voting to close The Che Café, the student-run University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) has opted not to renew the lease for Porter's Pub.

A report from the UCSD Guardian student newspaper says that poor student feedback about Porter's Pub contributed to the board's decision. Some of the feedback included complaints about the food, as well as the lack of accessibility to students for use of the space.

UCAB posted a statement about the Porter's Pub lease on its website, citing "annual sales and retail trends, customer feedback, analysis of vendor operations" and community feedback as factors in its decision. 

"Student and staff employees in custodial, house management and tech services have experienced difficulties in working with Porter's Pub," the statement reads. "Student organizations reported concerns which affected their ability to program in the Stage Room, and their willingness to return to the space for future events. Double booking, lack of adherence to University Centers reservations procedures, lack of response to reservation requests, being charged for using the space, and being misled into noncompliance with Center for Student Involvement… were all cited as challenges in working with the vendor." 

The pub's lease expires in May 2015, but the venue—an independent business leasing space from UCSD—can reapply for another lease. However, based on the UCAB statement, some of its operating procedures would likely need to change.

UCAB "wants the stage space," Christine Clark, a student-affairs representative at UCSD, tells CityBeat. "It's paid for by students, so they want to give students the eligibility to book events at the space."

The pub still has several shows lined up before its lease ends. The last show on its calendar is Kina Grannis on Feb. 20. 

On Saturday, Dec. 13, The Che Café posted a message on its Facebook page expressing support for Porter's: "You are a fine venue and you will be sorely missed. If there's a #saveporters I hope it's a success just like #savetheche will be."

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