Dec. 22 2014 01:29 PM

Plus, a list of new releases to look for in 2015

The Palace Ballroom’s Timothy Joseph (second from right) is the new host of The Local 94/9.

Timothy Joseph, singer and guitarist in The Palace Ballroom, is the new host of The Local 94/9. Joseph took the reins from the radio show's former host, Tim Pyles, after Pyles left 94/9 to start a new job as a DJ with 91X. 

Joseph first filled in for Pyles on Sunday, Nov. 30, as a temporary host for the San Diego-centric radio program, but that's all it took for the musician to be offered the permanent gig. Joseph says that while he doesn't have much radio experience, the new job seems like a good opportunity to approach local music from a different perspective.

"I thought it would be cool to do. I figured we'd talk about things that don't get talked about," he says. "It's a cool forum to be able to talk to bands about what it's like to be a musician. Young bands listening can learn from these experiences."

His first show as the official host was broadcast on Sunday, Dec. 14; he can be heard every Sunday night at 9 p.m. Joseph has also set up an email address for local music tips at And though the San Diego scene does lean a little heavier on rock than other genres, Joseph says he's interested in hearing and featuring artists in a variety of different styles. 

"I'm gonna include metal, hip-hop, electronic…. If it's good music and making waves in the scene, I want to know about it," he says.

One thing that Joseph says is not part of his agenda is starting a competition with rival station 91X. He's in it strictly for the music.

"I'm not in it for station politics. That's not my concern," he says. "I'm doing it because the local scene needs all the advocates it can get." 

Joseph says that being in a local band and hosting a show about local music puts him in a tricky position. However, he adds that listeners shouldn't expect to hear him promote The Palace Ballroom. 

"I'm not into self-promotion," he says. "I'm here to give a hand to the scene. The local scene's given a lot to me, and if I can be a voice for the questions that don't always get asked, it's a good thing. It's all positive."

Systems Officer, the project led by Pinback's Zach Smith, is at the top of a long list of notable San Diego albums that'll be released in 2015. The band will release its follow-up to 2009's Underslept in April. Hills Like Elephants are also preparing to release their next full-length, in late March or early April, following their Bedroom Colonies EP from earlier this year. And Kids, Bit Maps and The Bassics all plan to release debut albums in 2015. 

Other artists with music coming out next year include Teenage Burritos, ANA, Ash Williams, Neighbors to the North, Tolan Shaw, Mrs. Henry, Soft Lions, The Liquorsmiths, Speaker in Reverse, iD the Poet and Gloomsday, who have been posting studio updates on Facebook. 

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