Dec. 22 2014 06:16 PM

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Great piece on superheroes

I got off work early today [Nov. 21]. They just let us go. I carpool with my wife. My default in these situations is a nice sit down in a pub. I'm English.

Soon I was in Mission Brewery, reading CityBeat. I thoroughly enjoyed Ryan Bradford's column on the Real Life Superhero group ["Well That Was Awkward," Nov. 19]. It was affectionate yet noted the absurd. I laughed out loud. They sound awesome. Great job! 

Gavin Meagher, Imperial Beach

Runaway train

Your Nov. 26 editorial about UC President Janet Napolitano and the UC system was right on the money! This free-wheeling, public-be-damned organization is a runaway train with an engineer who's giving students and taxpayers a middle-finger salute, with the remainder of that Board of Trustees enabling this government hack to run roughshod over any and all naysayers.

Not once has there been any mention in all the UC blather of a concerted effort to reduce expenses across the system. Instead, they have callously moved forward to increase fees. Surely, there are expenses that can be curtailed or eliminated, but this train's engineer comes from a government background of annually increasing budgets. She does not know how to cut costs! A place to start would be the "equality-diversity-inclusion," politically correct sinecures on every campus and at the UC headquarters. One look at the egregiously obscene staff size (and its costs) in this sinecure at UCSD would blow your mind. Multiply that by every UC campus, and you're talking multimillions of dollars. And this is just for openers. How about highly paid professors teaching more than three hours per week?

If the tone-deaf engineer were really interested in sparing students' ever-increasing fees, aka tuition, she would create a task group, like the Committee Against Government Waste, to study the expense side of the UC system and then recommend where expenses could be cut (the fat) without cutting into the bone.

The one-track-mind UC engineer knows that increasing fees means that student fees will be covered by increased student loans, which will further burden them as graduates with higher debt, making it more difficult for graduates to gain career and family traction. Why isn't the federal government, which is now the source of all student loans, requiring school administrations to reduce expenses as a condition for having the student-loan program available for matriculating students? The federal government is the main culprit for the ever-escalating cost of getting a college education, for this gravy train of cash was not balanced by a mandate for strict expense control.

I hate to say this, but Gov. Brown was right on the money, too, when he opined that the UC regents need to devote more attention to cost cutting! One can't get out of a hole by digging the hole deeper!

Lou Cumming, La Jolla

Someone else's opinion

Alegra Loewstein of Mira Mesa thanked you in her letter of Dec. 3 for publishing your endorsements of candidates and propositions, without which she could not have voted.

My greatest beef is that people without an opinion of their own should not vote, so, if she needs facts from you to form an opinion, she should get them from disinterested sources, not a newspaper. If she just copies your votes to her ballot, I beg her, and your other readers, to not vote someone else's opinion. If she votes on the basis of your judgment, then where is hers?

If you don't know, don't vote the question. A blank ballot is more informative than one with the opinion(s) of more than one mind. I have spoken!

Saul Harmon Gritz, Hillcrest

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