Dec. 26 2014 06:54 PM

Weather may be frightful, but wine is always delightful


We don't get much in the way of weather in San Diego, but as soon as the temperature drops and it gets a bit damp out, I adjust my wine-drinking accordingly. Of course, I always love a flavorful red wine, but there's something about the heartiness of a full glass on a chilly night that's akin to a hot cup of tea warming your insides—with the added bonus of booze.

Peachy Canyon Winery's reds have long been a mainstay on my wine rack, its Incredible Red both easy to drink and easy on the budget. But with the recent cooled-down climate, I cozied up to a new love: a 2012 bottle of Peachy Canyon's Snow Zinfandel. 

The wine started out slightly tight, but with a little time to breathe, it presented an abundance of taste. Its brick-red hue matched the tasty combination of earthiness and delicate fruitiness. On the nose, the rich bouquet ranged from pepper to cocoa. Each sip provided a new flavor to discern, including plum and a variety of berries. Along with the welcome sensory overload, the wine's smooth texture and easy drinkability betrayed its nearly 15-percent alcohol content. 

This robust wine also pairs well with a home-cooked meal—it stood up to a cheeseburger topped with a fried egg. I'd venture a guess that a thick beef stew or spicy cup of chili would be perfect mates, as well. 

Snow is just one of Peachy Canyon's Zinfandels—I also highly recommend the Westside—and its wines come from several of its own vineyards, each named for its corresponding vines. The winery's website boasts Snow vineyard's low yield and high quality, along with some interesting notes on the fermentation process. "Four daily rounds of hand punch downs"? Having narrowly survived the holidays, I can think of some people I'd like to administer this treatment to—but I'll just enjoy my wine instead. After all, where else can I find snow in San Diego?

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