Dec. 30 2014 12:45 PM

From local scoops to global scandals, it was a year to boggle the mind


If you're like us, 2014 has left you totally puzzled. While it may be years until we get to the bottom of the various San Diego scandals, this crossword will help bring closure—assuming you can solve it. 


4.Shelley Zimmerman replaced Bill Lansdowne in this position at the San Diego Police Department

6.Word that describes 6-year-old Ryland Whittington and Emmy-nominated actor Laverne Cox

9.Local basketball team beaten by the Wildcats in the Sweet Sixteen

11.Challenge undertaken by Mayor Kevin Faulconer, the San Diego Chicken, Nick Cannon and thousands of other hard-nippled do-gooders

12.____ cameras: devices that San Diego police officers started wearing this summer

13.Toni ____ became the first lesbian Speaker of the Assembly and (for nine hours) the first lesbian governor of California

15.It's about ethics in video-game journalism!

17.Deadly disease that Zmapp, a drug treatment developed in San Diego, may help cure 

18.Bernardo, Tomahawk and Poinsetta

24.Neighborhood patrolled by the Xtreme Justice League following a series of sexual assaults

25.City that hosted the Olympics, at which North County snowboarder Shaun White failed to win a medal

26.Basketball team that's no longer owned by Donald Sterling, who told a companion, "Don't bring black people" to his games

27.Strudel-loving country that won the World Cup

29.Acronym used by both Barack Obama and Darrell Issa to describe the Islamic State

31."Because you know I'm all about that ____  ... no treble."  —Meghan Trainor

33.Missouri city that's been a locus of the Black Lives Matter protest movement

34.Equality movement championed by Emma Watson at the United Nations

36.Geographic peninsula controversially annexed by Russia

37."Can we ____?" —catchphrase of late comedy legend Joan Rivers.

38."Don _______" was playing at the San Diego Opera during a period when its board had voted to shut the organization down


1.Another word for "OC," the spray that the Youth Law Center says has traumatized juvenile-hall detainees

2.Although his name is Japanese, Susumo Azano—a tycoon accused of illegally influencing the 2014 mayoral election—is actually from this country

3.Major computer security vulnerability disclosed in April

5.This became the highest-grossing animated film of all time

7.Acronymed affliction that was cited as a reason the Mexican government released Marine vet Andrew Tahmooressi from prison for treatment

8.California desert over which Virgin Galactic's Space ShipTwo exploded in October

10.Ground-breaking podcast in which Sara Koenig reexamines a 1999 murder case in Baltimore

14.Substance legalized in Washington and Colorado, while the city of San Diego barely passed regulations for places that distribute it for medical purposes

16.An enormous school of these fish swarmed the waters around La Jolla over the summer

19.Eric Shinseki resigned as secretary of _______  Affairs following a scandal over falsifed medical-appointment wait times

20.Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams died in 2014. Both also starred in the 1998 film, _____ Adams.

21.Part of Carl DeMaio's anatomy that two former campaign employees and a current Assembly member all claim to have seen

22.No-longer-beloved comedian who's been accused of drugging and assaulting more than 20 women

23.This comic-book god is now a woman

27.Padres legend Tony _____ died on June 16

28.The city of San Diego named Aug. 19 after local songwriter Jason ____

29.Users of this software received a free U2 album

30.Organic farm targeted by animal-rights activists for planning a public event to demonstrate how animals are slaughtered

32.Jackass star who put the word "SUCKS" beneath "SeaWorld" on a freeway sign

35.Acronym for the gigantic military vehicle absurdly obtained by San Diego Unified School District, painted white and filled with teddy bears

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