Dec. 30 2014 01:13 PM

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Thank you, but...

I just read the article on Bryan Pease in the Dec. 3 issue of CityBeat. First of all, it's awesome that this was on the cover of the mag and the featured article. Thank you for covering the topic of veganism! 

With that being said, I think the article was pretty biased against Pease. Many times, derogatory or negative-connotation words were used or implied. The name of the article is "The philosophy and tactics of Bryan Pease," and so shouldn't lean either way. I think you did a poor job of remaining unbiased against Pease. Again, thank you for covering the story!  

Mary Sparks, Ocean Beach

Dangerous, fanatical bully

Bryan Pease's fanatical tactics intolerant of meat eaters ["News," Dec. 3] embodies his life principle that the end justifies the means. As such, he is a danger to an ethical society. He is a legal bully!

J. Otis Benton, La Jolla

Baffling story

In your Dec. 3 news story about Bryan Pease, Death for Food founder Jaime Fritsch erroneously asserts that locally reared food animals have no negative environmental implications and are in fact preferable to growing plants. Yet any farmer can confirm that rearing animals for food requires far more water and land—whether to graze them or grow their feed—than growing plant foods directly for human consumption, regardless of zip code.

The localvore meat movement proposes continuing to breed inefficient, greenhouse-gas-emitting livestock by replacing factory farms with pastures—necessitating a prohibitively high price point—without suggesting where more incredibly scarce land would come from or how the outrageous amount of drinking water they still require is justified in a severe drought. 

Meanwhile, the viable solution of veganism is dismissed—including by the author, who implies vegans are secretly scared we'll realize this gross misuse of resources is somehow ethical after all. Color me baffled. 

Lorelei Plotczyk, North Park

No ethical way

In response to your article about Bryan Pease ["News," Dec. 3], I would like to say that the phrase "ethical meat consumption" makes as much sense to me as "ethical child prostitution" or "ethical slavery." There is no ethical way to murder sentient beings.

Joy Zakarian, Cardiff-by-the-Sea

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