Jan. 6 2015 05:43 PM

Psych rockers will drop 14th Floor' this month

Wild Wild Wets
Photo by Nicole Espina

Wild Wild Wets are getting ready to release their debut album. After playing together for roughly three years and releasing a series of singles, the psychedelic-rock group has finally wrapped up work on a full-length, which will be released this month.

The new record is called 14th Floor—the title a nod to Austin psych-rock heroes The 13th Floor Elevators—and the group will play a record-release show on Jan. 16 at The Casbah, as part of their quarterly San Diego Freak Out live series. The album was actually recorded back in spring 2014, singer Mike Turi tells CityBeat, and when the band went on a Southwest tour last year, they sold unmastered cassette copies of it on the road. 

"We released a small batch of tapes for our tour," Turi says. "It felt stupid to go out on the road without a record we had just finished."

The album, which will be available on CD and cassette, was recorded in three locations in San Diego and Los Angeles. Despite being recorded in pieces, Turi says the album "sounds great as a whole cohesive piece" and features elements of blues, R&B and krautrock in addition to their signature psychedelic garage sound.

Ultimately, the band would like to release 14th Floor on vinyl, but they've held off for now, due to budget and time constraints—increased demand for vinyl pressing means it would take several months before the pressing would be finished.

"It takes so much time to get vinyl pressed that by the time we're over the hump, we're already focused on our next record," Turi says. "We're hoping that when we release the next record, someone will want to repress 14th Floor."

The band's already begun working on a second album, and though they've undergone several lineup changes in the last two years, Turi says they're more focused than ever.

"I feel like we're all kind of working toward the same thing," he says. "We're getting more from ourselves." 

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