Jan. 7 2015 10:21 AM

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In our Dec. 30 Art & Culture section, we published a photo along with a write-up on artist Zac Monday, but we credited the wrong photographer. It should have been credited to Susan Myrland. We're sorry for the mistake.

Uncomfortable issues

Whether people like it or not, your paper does a heck of a job bringing uncomfortable issues to light. The piece titled "Nigga" ["Art & Culture, Dec. 10] forces examination of a word linked to a shameful part of our history. It strikes a chord, reminding me of when I got slammed with angry letters for using the word "boob" in an email campaign about breast-cancer awareness. The ones who bothered to engage with me confirmed my hunch that they were of an older generation when "boob" meant "idiot," so they angrily contended that using that word to mean "breast" perpetuates social oppression of women, even when we as women use the word lightheartedly among ourselves—just as black kids do with "nigga."

So, do we cling to a word's negative meaning of the past or embrace the positive evolution of language? Speaking of evolution, thank you for your piece on Bryan Pease and veganism ["News," Dec. 3], another uncomfortable issue for people who purchase meat neatly wrapped in cellophane, closing their eyes to the cruelty and filth that animals endure before they end up on a plate. It's important we keep these kinds of dialogue alive.

Elyssa Mercado, Ocean Beach

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