Jan. 13 2015 06:35 PM

A wishlist for festival acts to perform local shows

Todd Terje

Last week, Coachella announced its three-day lineup, and now it's totally sold out. This is no surprise—it happens every year, and it's too expensive anyhow (not to mention the heat, the crowds and other factors that might keep you from going). Still, some great bands are playing—and I'm not talking about Steely Dan—that I'd love to see make their way to San Diego. Some bands might not be allowed, contractually, to play here or won't announce anything until the last minute, but considering how often Coachella bands slip away down here from the desert for a day or two, it's entirely possible. Here's who I'd like to see in San Diego this spring:

Drive Like Jehu: Even though the legendary post-hardcore band played a once-in-a-lifetime show at Spreckels Organ Pavilion last summer, I don't think it's too much to ask to see them twice in my lifetime. They're amazing.

Swans: I don't think Swans have ever played in San Diego, so this is an idea whose time has come. The band's live shows are the stuff of legend, and based on the strength of their new album, To Be Kind, I'd bet they're pretty intense.

FKA Twigs: This U.K. experimental-pop artist's album LP1 was one of the most highly acclaimed of 2014, and for good reason. She blurs the lines between R&B, trip-hop and electronic music in a sublime way. I'll bet she could sell out a show here easily.

Raekwon and Ghostface Killah: I'm counting on this being a one-show-only kind of deal, but Rae and Ghost have a great back-and-forth, and it'd be awesome to see the two Wu-Tang vets on tour.

Todd Terje and the Olsens: Todd Terje's It's Album Time is an amazing house record and one of the best releases of 2014, but the addition of "The Olsens" suggests that this show is more than a basic dude-with-electronics setup. I'd like to see that.

Run the Jewels: I'm aware that El-P and Killer Mike were just here in the fall, but I missed it because I was traveling from Atlanta (Killer Mike's home city, ironically). So, consider this my request for another lap back around this way. 

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