Jan. 21 2015 10:44 AM

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Pay for it yourself

I disagree with you on almost every issue, from the minimum wage to Carl DeMaio, but on the stadium issue you are spot on ["Editorial," Dec. 23]. If the Chargers want a new stadium, they can pay for one just as any other business in San Diego would. Imagine if Southwest Airlines told the city that it would leave if it didn't get a new airport. And before the City Council gives one penny of city funds to the Chargers, all the torn-up sidewalks in my neighborhood had better be fixed!

J.T. Brown, Hillcrest

Unfair treatment

Regarding Kinsee Morlan's Jan. 7 "Art & Culture" story about the Balboa Park Centennial: I read what was provided to David Lundin by the city, and the statement made absolutely no sense; it was an impossibility to complete because one could not obtain a necessary form without filling out another form. The necessary form was a prerequisite to obtaining the latter form! So, yes, they were being asked to jump through hoops that no other group was being asked to.

So far, I have seen nothing that Michael Ruiz is working on. And without adequate parking for this event, all those other expenditures are for naught. I also don't see the city fathers going after the corporation that bilked the taxpayers out of all that money for nothing! Someone's head should roll for that one.

Lynn Adams, Escondido

Empathetic reporting

Regarding Joshua Emerson Smith's Jan. 7 "News" story about mental-health-related calls to the police: Thank you for your insightful and empathetic article. It also happens to mirror my experience and the many other individuals who suffer or who still suffer these realistic consequences.

Amy Lainhart, East Village


In his Jan. 7 "Spin Cycle" column, John R. Lamb quoted Steve Rivera, a candidate to lead San Diego County's Democratic Party, as arguing that one of the problems with the Democratic Party is that it "holds its Central Committee elections during non-presidential election cycles, when Democratic-voter attention—for whatever reason—seems to wane." While this was true prior to the advent of California's "top-two" primary system, the county's Democratic Central Committee members are now elected during presidential primaries.

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