Jan. 27 2015 06:10 PM

Local artists tell us what they're listening to


 A semi-regular feature in which we ask local musicians about the music they've been digging lately

David Mead, Ditches:
Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space by Spiritualized. "Ladies and Gentlemen is, I think, the native English speaker's version of Air's Moon Safari. Something done on such a blatant and massive scale, like Hearst's Castle. They we're, like, 'Fuck you, I want an Olympic pool and lions on my front lawn.'"

Patrick Erhard, Ash Williams: Broken Bells. "I recently found out Broken Bells was a thing, and, oh, what a thing it is. I will throw all of my money at literally anything Danger Mouse does. I realized that his beats are what would happen if Ennio Morricone decided to go to space and write hip-hop."

Brian Reilly, The New Kinetics: Bryter Layter by Nick Drake. "I love the sound of everything on this record. The drums on 'At the Chime of a City Clock' spark imagery of the dazzling gray light-speed hum of the NYC of my childhood years. It's a comfortable old crash pad for my head."

Sasha Syeed, Nothingful: Upgrade & Afterlife by Gastr del Sol. "It runs the gamut, from deep-bass, clarinet-free-jazz freak-outs disrupting a calm, serene piano piece [to] electronic, violent white-noise bursts opening songs and descending into quiet acoustic-guitar angular studies in the most peculiar vocal melodies. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between Jim O'Rourke's and David Grubbs' playing, but there is absolute beauty, calm, violence, completely free creativity and all-around inspiring, other-worldliness throughout this record.

"Not to mention some hilariously odd lyrics."

Lindsay White, The Lovebirds: Hozier by Hozier. "I'm in a geeky album-of-the-month club, and the current selection is Hozier. Mainstream radio is looking bleak, so I'm glad someone resembling a songwriter is actually getting airplay. I'm also about a decade-and-a-half late to the Ryan Adams party, but I'm glad I finally got here."

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