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Migos, Hanni El Khatib, Earthless and all the other shows we're stoked about this week

Hanni El Khatib

Wednesday, Feb. 4

PLAN A: Juice Box, Kingdom of Lights, Flakes, Hand Drawn Tree @ Soda Bar. A lot of us were beyond stoked when D'Angelo finally released his new album, and I'm guessing we can probably count local group Juice Box among those eager fans. They have a soulful groove in their sound that reminds me, at times, of D'Angelo's Voodoo, with a jazz-fusion glaze, and it goes down nice and easy.

Thursday, Feb. 5

PLAN A: You Blew It!, Tiny Moving Parts, Rozwell Kid @ House of Blues Voodoo Room. Last week, Peter Holslin profiled Florida band You Blew It!, who combine clever and introspective lyrics with great, high-energy melodies. They've been called "emo revival," but great indie rock with passion behind it arguably never went away—there are just younger dudes making it now. PLAN B: Hanni El Khatib, Shady Francos, The Kabbs @ The Casbah. It's not really enough to be a garage-rock band anymore. You can get by, but it won't make the music all that interesting, particularly since it's getting on in years as a genre. Hanni El Khatib makes up for that by adding touches of soul and orchestration to his guitar jams that turn them into something else entirely. BACKUP PLAN: Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Barrows, Bhorelorde @ Til-Two Club.

Friday, Feb. 6

PLAN A: Ross Karre @ Bread and Salt. The Fresh Sound concert series brings us another unusual percussion performance featuring Russ Karre, who produces both video installations and music. This one, however, will feature an emphasis on found objects, which promises to make for a fascinating, if unconventional, show. PLAN B: Body of Light, Some Ember, Din @ The Hideout. Body of Light are from Arizona, but their synth-heavy post-punk sound might lead you to believe they were transported here from the United Kingdom in the early '80s. And coming from me, that's a pretty huge compliment. Dress in all black and feel the gloom. BACKUP PLAN: Amerikan Bear, The Burdens, Desert Stones, DJ Clinebell Express @ Til-Two Club.

Saturday, Feb. 7

PLAN A: Earthless, Arctic, Loom, Operation Mindblow Light Show @ The Casbah. Spend your Saturday night surfing some heavy cosmic waves when Earthless bring their psychedelic hugeness to The Casbah. Their shows usually entail some dazzling feats of instrumental interplay, and this one will feature the living-lava-lamp aesthetics of Operation Mindblow, so tune in and rock out. PLAN B: Excel, Rotting Out, Xibalba, Nomads @ Soda Bar. Excel are a band of hardcore old-schoolers from Venice, California, and if you're looking for an education in some intense power-chord blasts, then look no further. Get there a little early for Xibalba, who spice up their hardcore with a touch of death-metal ugliness. BACKUP PLAN: Trashaxis, Healers, Man Vs. Man, Thief's League @ Tower Bar.

Sunday, Feb. 8

PLAN A: Catfish and the Bottlemen, Wild Party @ The Merrow. There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about the kind of indie rock that Catfish and the Bottlemen play. But credit where it's due: The U.K. group have a knack for catchy melodies, and they have more than enough of those to fill a set. They traveled a long way to get here—the least you could do is drive to Hillcrest to greet 'em.

Monday, Feb. 9

PLAN A: Heavenly Beat, Emerald Rats, Chill Pill @ Soda Bar. Heavenly Beat is John Pena, who also performs with indie-rock group Beach Fossils. And if you like that band, you'll dig this one—it's an ethereal and pretty mix of beats, synths and gorgeously restrained guitar licks. And it's also not a bad way to start out the week. BACKUP PLAN: P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., The A-Bortz, Pilgrims @ Til-Two Club.

Tuesday, Feb. 10

PLAN A: Retox, Whores, Ghetto Blaster, The Long and Short of It @ The Casbah. This week, I reviewed Beneath California, the reliably brutal new album by local hardcore badasses Retox. They make one hell of a ruckus, and one of the best ways to experience it is in person. Brace yourself for something loud, fast and raw—just what hardcore is supposed to be. PLAN B: Migos @ Observatory North Park. In their breakout single "Versace," Atlanta rap group Migos say the word "Versace" so many times, it has to break some kind of record. But it also bumps hard, and the group is one reason why Atlanta is the hip-hop city to watch right now. BACKUP PLAN: Mariel, The Paper Thins, Sullen Ray Villaintine @ The Hideout.

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