Feb. 10 2015 10:20 AM

More digital releases from San Diego artists


If you search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semiregular column, we sift through recent postings and report on our findings. 

Celestial Frequency Shifter by Anakin: What with the pop-culture-referencing band name, the space helmet on the cover and the crunchy, grungy guitar sound, you might think Anakin walked through a wormhole from the '90s. Not that this is a band thing, necessarily; their meaty power chords, melodic hooks and kinda-sorta emo vocals make for a lot of alt-rock fun. 

Jealous Mind
by Three Eyes
: I constantly find copious amounts of bedroom-produced instrumental hip-hop on Bandcamp, and it's usually quite nice, if not life-changing. Three Eyes is just such an artist, mixing downtempo beats with cinematic, psychedelic soundscapes. A fine soundtrack for lying in the grass and staring at clouds. 

Endless Night EP
by Elegiac
: Black metal has its share of mysterious loners releasing lo-fi music from their basement crypts, and San Diego can apparently claim one of them! Elegiac does murky, doom-leaning black metal in the style of Xasthur, with just the right balance of melody and harshness. Plus, there's an Emperor cover, so that's pretty cool. 

by Coco B.
: Coco B.'s Bandcamp page name-drops Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot in the description of her music. That's a little misleading; her laid-back West Coast style isn't as innovative or versatile as those MCs, but it's certainly loaded with chill production, boom-bap beats and the occasional one-liner. 

by Jesus Gonzalez
: This release is tagged with "Spiritual" and "Meditation," and it makes perfect sense. The gentle plucks of acoustic guitar and ambient vocals make this album sound like it was written specifically for a yoga class. It's nice, pleasant listening for the purposes of relaxation, but I can't imagine ever putting this on for any other reason.

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