Feb. 24 2015 05:16 PM

Hardcore band will play one final show

Clayton Word (second from left) says Kodiak’s last show will be a blowout.

After four years, the hardcore / sludge-metal group Kodiak is coming to an end. "Thanks if you ever made it to one show," the band said in a statement on Facebook. "If you came to a few shows, you're fucking rad, and if you came to a lot of the shows, then you were probably cool as fuck."

Guitarist Clayton Word tells CityBeat that the breakup is amicable, the result of mostly mundane circumstances.

"We got back from tour and had high spirits, but then we got a little lazy," he says. "There's no bad blood. A couple of guys in the band just wanted to take a break and wanted to do adult things."

The band has one final show scheduled for Friday, Feb. 27, at Soda Bar, with Griever, Ghostlimb and Deep Sea Thunder Beast. During their time together, Kodiak released one album—their 2013 self-titled album—and one EP, last fall's Machete. But Word says they're better known for what they do onstage.

"I like to tell people we're a live band that puts out records," he says. "We're more known for our live show."

Word says that some members plan to continue playing music in one capacity or another. He says his next band will probably be less complex, more rock 'n' roll, so "I don't have to be on my shit constantly." 

In the meantime, Kodiak plan to make the most of their last show, and Word says to expect their wildest party yet.

"It's one more chance for all of us to play together," he says. "We'll have some of the usual party tricks, but we're going to try to up the ante. 

"We want to go out with a bang."

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