March 3 2015 07:02 PM

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    In his Feb. 18 "Spin Cycle" column, John R. Lamb incorrectly reported that Adam Day, who chairs Mayor Kevin Faulconer's Citizens Stadium Advisory Group, is a San Diego State University trustee and works for the Sycuan casino. In fact, Day is a trustee of the California State University System and works for the Sycuan tribe, not its casino.

    Also in the Feb. 18 issue, for her "Seen Local" column, Kinsee Morlan was given the impression by Sam Ballard that a mural of John Lennon in North Park was painted as part of his Project Lennon group. In fact, the mural was painted long ago and served as part of the inspiration for the group.

    We're sorry for the errors.

    ‘Let ‘em go'

    Regarding "Stadium push is already SAGging" ["Editorial," Feb. 4]: Your editorial nailed it—Kevin Faulconer has it backwards; "he's being proactive when he should be reactive." Faulconer a) is selling the city out, b) erroneously believes there is a win-win solution or c) is using the Stadium Advisory Group to pass the buck à la former Mayor Dick Murphy's Chargers task force. 

    If most SAG members have conflicts of interest—connections to construction, tourism or travel—that might be indicative of sellout. And if the decision comes down to voters, as with Petco Park, propaganda will likely win the day and taxpayers will shell out hundreds of millions of dollars, primarily to benefit the owners, the league and the small fraction of the population that attends games.

    The bottom line: Over the years, the city has come out on the short end in deals with the Chargers / Spanoses—think of things like the ticket guarantee. It's not the taxpayers' responsibility to ensure that private businesses are profitable—or, in this case, more profitable. Stadiums are little more than a greed and ego game by the wealthy. If the choice is corporate welfare or the Chargers leaving San Diego, hell no, let 'em go.

    Dan Jacobs, Mira Mesa

    Sacrilege isn't funny

    Regarding your Feb. 4 cover artist, Terri Beth Mitchell ["Seen Local"]: Mitchell says "it would be funny to make a freshwater trout with Jesus' head on it." Sorry, fail to see the humor in that. She probably thinks Mother Teresa selling herself is funny, too. If she believes "disrespect," "sacrilege" and "funny" are synonyms, then she might want to check a dictionary, and her funny bone. 

    One tip: I wouldn't try this with Mohammed's head. Now, those guys definitely take their humor seriously.

    Bryant Theodore Mitchell, Spring Valley

    Christians are easy targets

    Looks like CityBeat is becoming the Charlie Hebdo of, at least, San Diego.

    I don't understand the point of the Feb. 4 cover, and the artist on Page 19 ["Seen Local"] didn't tell us readers what message she was trying to convey—just that she thought "it would be funny." 

    I'm still waiting for you to portray Mohammed or Moses in some sort of meaningless or offensive way. I guess we Christians are easy to lampoon or belittle because we don't seek revenge, as we just saw happen in Paris or in ISIS-controlled territory. We just turn the other cheek and wait for another slap across the face.

    Lou Cumming, La Jolla

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