March 10 2015 05:18 PM

Bummerfest will raise money for cancer and abuse charities

Rob Crow

On May 9, The Irenic will host a benefit concert, dubbed Bummerfest, that will feature performances by 10 bands—mostly local—to raise money for two charities. Jordan Krimston, who plays guitar in the band Big Bad Buffalo and is a student at Helix High School, told CityBeat that he organized the festival as part of his senior project.

"I've been putting together shows lately, and so this combines my hobby with my senior project," he says. "It's been in the works for about three months."

The two charities that Bummerfest's proceeds will benefit are LoveHopeStrength, which registers bone-marrow donors at concerts to help find matches for leukemia patients, and 1BlueString, which benefits victims of sexual abuse. The latter "encourages guitarists to replace one string with a blue string to represent men who have been sexually abused as children," Krimston says.

Bummerfest will be headlined by Rob Crow's Gloomy Place and feature bands like Octagrape, Stage Kids, Sledding with Tigers and Pretend. While Krimston is a musician himself, and is friends with a lot of musicians, he said he wanted to reach beyond his own network to make the show better.

"I tried to go beyond just booking my friends' bands for the show and make this something a little more special and unique," Krimston says. "I started out with an ideal list of bands I wanted to [have] play. A couple couldn't do it because of the timing, but most of the bands I asked are playing."

In addition to live rock music, the show will also include a bagpipe group from Helix High, as well as visual art by Kenseth Thibideau, McHank, Clever Void Productions and others. Proceeds from the sale of art will also benefit LoveHopeStrength and 1BlueString.

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