March 24 2015 07:05 PM

Bandmates/married couple are leaving San Diego

Sleep Lady’s Mike Hayden (far left) and Kristy Hayden (second from right)
Photo by Tom Bry

Mike and Kristy Hayden of atmospheric post-metal group Sleep Lady are leaving San Diego. The two musicians, who are also a married couple, are relocating to Chicago in April for both personal and professional reasons. Kristy took a job in Chicago, while Mike will continue to be a stay-at-home dad after the move. The Haydens' announcement comes a year after the band's Mario and Sara Quintero moved to New York City, which led Sleep Lady to go on a temporary hiatus.

However, because Chicago and New York are a lot closer to each other than to San Diego—Mike Hayden says it's about an eight-hour drive between the two cities—there's hope that the band will be more active in the coming year.

"Hopefully it'll make Sleep Lady a little easier," he says. "We went on hiatus when they moved, which shut things down for a little bit.

"Writing another record is in our relatively near future," he adds. Sleep Lady's last record was 2014's Central Valley, a single, 20-minute-long track that was written and performed solely by Mario Quintero and Mike Hayden.

After the Haydens move to Chicago, Mike says that he'd also like to continue working on his solo project, Starless. His goal is to possibly expand it to a three-piece band.

"I'm gonna start playing with as many people as I can, and work on folding more people into Starless," he says.

Though San Diego will no longer be a home base for Sleep Lady, that doesn't mean they won't ever return. In fact, Mike Hayden looks back fondly on playing shows here, and toward the possibility of bringing a tour back here in the not-too-distant future.

"I'd love to come back and play The Casbah," he says. "It's probably one of my favorite places to play on earth."

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