March 25 2015 11:04 AM

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I like their funk style and their ability to incorporate a community and neighborhood element into their design, such as their own North Park Post Office and Golden Hill gas station projects ["Innovative Infill," March 4]. Although, personally, I am not a big fan of their trendy Post Office design solution. Probably works better when they function as their own developer and architect.

When they work as an architect for someone else who will be the developer, I am afraid their ability to control a bit of a neighborhood's and a community's history in the development design is challenged. Right now Foundation for Form is the architect for H.G. Fenton Company's project "The BLVD" at El Cajon Boulevard, Florida Street and Alabama Street in North Park. Located on the property at the corner of Florida Street and ECB is an important LGBTQ historic site: the apartment of Bernie Michels and Thom Carey, two gay men who were instrumental in organizing the very first LGBT center in San Diego in the early 1970s. Both SOHO and Lambda Archives are hoping that Fenton and their architects realize the significance of this building, and have been in a dialogue with Fenton to have them acknowledge the significance, and ultimately, incorporate the structure into the overall development.

For Mike Burnett and his partner Craig Abenilla (and as the story says "... in life and career"), I would hope they use their talent, ability and sense of their community's history to educate Fenton Company about the importance of the Michels-Carey building in the history of the LGBTQ community in San Diego and incorporate it into the proposed "The BLVD" development as a signature element in the design.

Charles Kaminski, Talmadge


I always grab a CityBeat on Wednesdays. I tell people about it. I love the editorials, Spin Cycle, Backwards & in High Heels, etc. You folks put out a consistently good, funny, caring paper. As for Kelly Davis and David Rolland leaving: I wish them well, but I'm anxious about the future of my favorite rag. I hope you find folks to fill those big shoes.

David Miller, Kensington


I found your [March 11] editorial accusing racial discrimination of blacks by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to be false and inflammatory. Dumanis does not discriminate against race, creed, color or sexual orientation in the performance of her job. She regularly abuses her position of authority to abuse the Constitutional rights of all segments of the population equally—with the exception of campaign contributors and others who can further her political career.

Sharon Kramer, Escondido


With the exterior repairs to the Balboa Park museums behind $300 million and our roads needing $1 billion in repairs and our poverty rate at 23 percent (7 percent due to the high cost of living in San Diego), it seems that if San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts wants to leave his legacy by building the Spanoses and the NFL a stadium, it is a poor choice indeed. Using county taxpayer dollars to fund a stadium where a mere eight games per year are played, and that research has shown does little to boost local economies (with all the profits going straight into the pockets of wealthy owners), this idea is truly a loser investment for all the people of San Diego County well, except Spanos.

Donna Shanske, Bankers Hill

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