March 31 2015 05:59 PM

'Tell Tales' takes inspiration from post-punk

Hills Like Elephants’ Sean Davenport (far right) says their new album sounds more post-punk.

Hills Like Elephants are preparing to release a new, full-length album called Tell Tales, it'll be out this month, more than a year after the band's Bedroom Colonies EP. 

The new record was recorded in two local studios—Lost Ark and Controls to the Sun—and features a different sound from the group this time around, including a move away from drum machines, and a greater push toward a heavy guitar presence. 

"We wanted to have a lot of space," singer Sean Davenport says in an afternoon interview at Bluefoot in North Park. "There's more of an organic sound." 

In the process of writing and recording Tell Tales, the band took on a stylistic shift. Davenport says they wanted to go for more of a post-punk sound, and new song "Misquote," for which the band released a video in late 2014, showcases a sleeker, slightly darker edge. 

"The albums that inspired us were more of a post-punk nature," he says. "We geek out over all that Manchester stuff, Wire, The Clean, The Stone Roses, The Fall. In fact, my favorite album that I was listening to while we were recording was Liars' WIXIW."

The band initially recorded the album about a year ago, but gave the record some space before doing any overdubs. However, while there were some changes in the editing room, the band tried to keep it as close to their live sound as possible.

"We wanted it to be more like how we play live," Davenport says. "When you hear it live, it's more of this raw thing."

Hills Like Elephants are playing a record-release show for Tell Tales on April 10, at The Casbah, with Wild Wild Wets, Schitzophonics and Gloomsday.

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