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Chargers should pay

Thank you, Ron Donoho, for the “Call the Chargers' bluff” editorial [April 29]. The combination of this editorial, along with publishing Mr. Baldwin's April 29 (critical) letter has restored my faith in you as an editor.

I too, do NOT want to pay for a new Charger stadium. The Chargers took advantage of San Diego residents when Qualcomm was expanded, and the City of San Diego continues to lose money on the existing stadium.

I suggest that we look at this from another point of view. San Diego is a delightful place to live, and the Chargers should be paying the residents to build a stadium here.

On the other hand, there are many things to do in San Diego—the beaches, Balboa Park, Seaport Village, the Zoo and more. With this many competing activities, it may be a good idea for the Chargers to leave San Diego. We can still watch them on TV.

Also note that Qualcomm was built on an aquifer. We could build a reservoir there to accumulate local water, reduce flooding in Mission Valley and provide recreation for residents. There will also be room to build apartments and commercial buildings, whose owners will pay property tax.

Lastly, we can include an amphitheater for plays and to watch Charger games via a large screen. In other words, I feel that we have better options than to shell out $600 million for a new stadium that will continue to cost the city of San Diego residents money.

Ron Harris, Scripps Ranch


I just read your “editorial” in the April 29 issue of CityBeat entitled “Call the Chargers' bluff” and I would like to offer you my personal STANDING OVATION!

I couldn't agree with you more. As I tell people when this issue arises… “Follow the money!” It's purely profit motivated and I repeat myself here: FOLLOW THE MONEY and you'll see where the Chargers end up. Thanks for your poignant editorial/observation.

Michael Sheppard, North Park


I totally agree with your assessment [“Call the Chargers' bluff”]. The Chargers organization has been talking new stadium ad nauseam for nearly 20 years. They need to put up their own money. They reap the rewards after all. The loyal Chargers fans of San Diego will not travel to the Los Angeles area for their games. Only Raider fans will be there, as they come here in droves. No L.A. fan base will be forthcoming to them. We're all they have but they refuse to realize that.

Tony Duplessis, Poway


For the past few years I have often wondered why you people who are interested in having wages increased to at least $15 per hour just talk about wages per hour [“The Fight For $15,” April 22]. I believe it has been established that for a small family, $25,000 per year is considered being in poverty. Since if one works 40 hours a week for 50 weeks (assume one has a two-week vacation), then to earn $25,000 per year, he would be making only $12.50 an hour. Put it another way, if one was to earn just $15 per hour, one would earn only $30,000 a year, just about being above the poverty [line]. I hope that the next piece you write you look at the problem per year and not per hour.

Morton A. Fineman, La Jolla Village

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