May 19 2015 06:01 PM

A San Diegan perspective on the rock n' roll legends

The Rolling Stones
Photo by SolarScott

On May 24, the Rolling Stones will perform at Petco Park. This will no doubt be one of the biggest concerts of the year in San Diego, but it also raises the question of whether a band that's been performing for more than 50 years still has what it takes. I asked several local musicians if they'd see the show, and whether or not Mick and Keef—snd the rest—still got that Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Josh Damigo:
"I'd definitely go if I could afford tickets. They're legends, man...and we're losing our legends, daily. This is as close as my generation gets to see the artists/bands who influenced the bands who influenced us. I'm in."

Mishey Touchie, The Touchies: 
"Mick Jagger is the bomb. He makes me feel old, and he is 40 years older than me. I saw the Rolling Stones a few years back. I was amazed. During the whole concert, Mick Jagger ran around the stadium non-stop, putting on the best show. And Keith and the rest of the band—come on, you can't get much cooler than that. And cool is always relevant."

Sasha Syeed, Nothingful:
"I never quite got into them, just liked certain songs here and there. I came across a few copies of their '70s albums, some of it I think is mediocre (like the much-lauded Exile on Main Street), but I loved Beggar's Banquet. I don't know their legacy all that much—or care, so whether theyíre 85 or 15 matters little to me."

Jake Najor, Taurus Authority/The Cold Fact:
"I think the Stones are great. I would go check them out."

Sam Lopez, Zsa Zsa Gabor/Stay Strange:
"The mighty, evil Stones. Sold their souls to the devil and all the devil could take was poor Brian Jones. I've been a fan since I was a kid. I would totally go see them. The Rolling Stones are definitely the temple of rock. The (un)holy mountain. Despite the slick polish of the show and the magnificent back-up singers, I believe they still hold the rusty key to our sick and perverted rock and roll salvation. That's how powerful I think their older music was. Sure, the majority of the band are in their 70s, but that gives me hope that maybe I'll be rocking out in my golden years, too."

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