1.Spicy applications

    5.Texter's totes closest pal

    10.Onetime "S.N.L."-type show

    14.Thin pliable stems of a palm used to make furniture

    15.Codiscoverer of radium

    16."The Time Machine" race

    17.Sticky icky

    18.Prepare, as for a slow pour

    19.Basement problem

    20.John Kerry was one in 2004

    23.Texter's "conversely"

    24.Spoon's drummer Jim

    25.One of the Greek muses

    26.Soft-serve selection

    28.Somewhat rundown

    30.Math class figures

    32.Spectacular failure

    33.Thanksgiving dessert

    34.Brave judge?

    35.Air force?

    42.Revolutionary on many a t-shirt

    43.Waves home?

    44."You're the ___!"

    45.Wipe out

    48.Bank freebie

    49.Do a DJ's job

    51.Mal de ___

    52.It's home to roughly 15% of the world's population: Abbr.

    54.Move to a new house

    55.Room service provider?

    61.Baby shower gift

    62.Put in a box

    63.Mixer choice

    64."A few author names should do it": Abbr.

    65.2002 hit for Cam'ron

    66.Country singer Church

    67.Breaks down

    68.College application part

    69.Assign places to


    1.Like "American Sniper" or "Fifty Shades of Grey"

    2.Magazine of alternative media

    3.Period pieces?


    5.Sugar Ray lead singer Mark

    6.Astronaut Gagarin


    8.British actor Albert

    9.Was nourished by

    10.Penultimate contest

    11.Made an exact copy of

    12.Put up with

    13.YouTube selections

    21.Lovebird's sound

    22.Cry from a crib

    26.Prohibition repealer, briefly

    27.Have second thoughts about

    28.9:30, e.g.

    29.To the point

    31."Call of Duty: Black ___"

    33.Talk foolishly about something

    34.World Basketball powerhouse

    36.Some notebooks

    37."People tell me ..."


    39.1970 movie about World War II

    40.Check in the mail: Abbr.

    41."I've heard better"

    45."Fly ___" (Arsenal's sponsorship message)

    46.Provide an apartment for

    47.Drawer's location


    49.Quick instance


    53.Piece of microfilm

    54.Settle a debt

    56.Sushi ingredients

    57.Both "Curious George" authors

    58.Russian parliament

    59.Ruler of Valhalla

    60.Medieval torture device


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