May 20 2015 10:48 AM

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CityBeat welcomes two new writers this week

Chad Peace has written an opinion piece under the column header "Divided States of America." Peace is the managing editor of the San Diego-based news website, the Independent Voter Network, and attorney for the Independent Voter Project. He makes the point that a growing number of individuals who choose not to affiliate with one of the two major political parties are too often squeezed out of the voting process.

Jessica Johnson is contributing a story about Galleta Meadows, an art-inspired, off-the-beaten track find in a department called "Hidden San Diego." Johnson runs a popular adventure website under the same name, where she regularly chronicles hidden, haunted and uncharted spots in the San Diego area.


I really enjoyed your piece called "Everybody out of the water" ["From the Editor," April 15]. Fun and funny writing about a painfully serious topic. I giggled over my Thai wrap at the line about almond farmers growing the difference between an Almond Joy and a Mounds. (Fortunately, I didn't laugh so hard that peanut sauce sprang from my nose!) Nice job on that column! Clearly, you are digging your new job.

Karyl Carmignani, University Heights

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