May 26 2015 06:57 PM

Long-promised concept record to drop this summer

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Sledding With Tigers

Last year, Sledding With Tigers announced that it would release an album about Space Jam if a tweet linking to a petition to save the Che Cafe reached 1,000 retweets. And now, 12 months after that fateful tweet reached its goal, Sledding With Tigers singer/songwriter Dan Faughnder says that his concept album about the 1996 Looney Tunes basketball movie is finally happening. 

In an interview at North Park's Coffee and Tea Collective, Faughnder says he never actually expected to get the response that he did—and that his tweet reached its seemingly unreachable goal "literally overnight." 

"It was not supposed to get 1,000 retweets," Faughnder says. "I figured if I said 1,000, I'd get 10." 

Faughnder made good on his promise of making the effort to work on the Space Jam album, but it took him a while to actually finish it. He wrote the first song a week after posting the tweet, and then spent six months without even thinking about it. 

"I didn't have any ideas," he says. "And then every time I posted anything on social media, there would be this parenthetical statement—'still hasn't done Space Jam album.'"

Faughnder ended up writing seven more songs in one night, put together some quick demos, and called it finished at eight songs. The songs range in length from 15 seconds to 5 minutes, and each one has a unique, specific focus.

"Every song is sung from a different character's perspective," Faughnder says. "All of the stuff is what the characters are saying in their heads. It's my interpretation of their internal monologue." 

Tracking for the album was finished on Monday, May 25. Faughnder anticipates that the album will be available for release in July, and it'll be out on cassette and digital formats. 

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