May 27 2015 10:47 AM

Now go out and save the world


We're smack in the middle of the college graduation season. University of San Diego just held its ceremony. San Diego State University pushed droves of grads out of the nest earlier this month, and UC San Diego seniors get the ejector seat in mid-June.

Without the pomp and circumstance of a commencement speech, and unassisted by a selfie stick, here are some observations and words of advice for Greater San Diego's class of 2015.

All we need is a miracle. But don't freak out first. The job market has been worse. At some point after crossing the stage in your cap, gown and flip-flops you'll look down at your diploma and wonder: Is this expensive piece of paper going to get me a job? And, will I have to shave my beard off to get it?

A recent study might seem like a bummer for grads looking to save the world rather than continue to spin it, bilk it and polarize it into opposite-end political echo chambers. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) polled 260 employers (large and small) on what majors they're looking for in potential employees among the class of 2015. NACE's top three for bachelor's and master's degrees: finance, accounting and computer science. For the doctorate level: three kinds of engineering—chemical, electrical and computer.

Despite post-collegiate poll downers like this one, social science and humanities majors need not despair. As reported in Forbes, companies are still looking for psychology, political science/international relations and sociology majors. And SDSU communications majors, listen up. If you want to go into media you may not have to fall back on your public relations or far-right opinion/ editorial writing classes to land a job at The San Diego Union-Tribune. They could be hiring reporters again. Granted, there are only 15 jobs left in all of San Diego in actual print reporting. But if you've got a Twitter account, you're seemingly already qualified to practice media in town. Show your enterprise reporting chops with a tweet series.

Economics majors: Seen anything on Facebook about the San Diego Chargers stadium proposal? This could be a bonanza for you. Right now, the city of San Diego needs people who can count, and who know the dictionary definitions of words and phrases like tax, public subsidy and high-stakes bluff. Down side: Any economics/finance positions in this arena might be short-term.

USD law students, listen up! Sure, there's always work for attorneys who handle divorce cases, construction liability and class-action litigation. But veteran legal eagle Mike Aguirre has created a cottage industry out of suing projects that involve local pro sports teams. It's been reported he's gathering an anti-trust team to litigate if the Chargers go ahead and try to make a move to Carson. Even if you don't make partner in this effort, get in on the ground floor and you'll have great stories to tell the diehard football fans on Sunday afternoons at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Political footballs your thing? See if you can get hooked up with a job at the San Diego Convention Center (the place where they hold Comic-Con). Communications majors can try to keep city leaders informed on matters like when the convention center chairman is going to OK defaulting on loan payments on land proposed for a center expansion. The fresh-faced new hire that comes in and figures out how to keep Comic-Con in San Diego without spending a dime or moving a brick will be the hero at the next Gaslamp Quarter Zombie Walk.

New grads, you can always go into politics. There's always a campaign going on. We're just finishing May 2015, but the race for the 2016 Presidential started before last year's winter finals. Your Congressman never stops fundraising. And a special election is seemingly always a day away.

None of this your cup of tea? Hallelujah. Maybe there is hope for civilization. Put your entrepreneurial-minded leadership to use and get a flash mob of your friends focused on the endless cycle of homelessness. Build an app that fosters better race relations. Produce a play about the glass ceiling for women in the workplace and perform it at Maker's Quarter. Write a song about government spending money wisely on public education and sing it at Quartyard.

No pressure, class of 2015. But put "Save The World" on your electronic to-do list. And you can keep the beard.

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