June 2 2015 05:09 PM

Crowbar, Mrs. Magician, Lycus and more shows we're stoked about this week

Christopher Owens

Wednesday, June 3

PLAN A: Royal Thunder, Wild Throne, Beira @ The Hideout. Read my feature on Royal Thunder to learn more about this Atlanta band, which went through some big personal and stylistic growth for new album Crooked Doors. Theyíve evolved into a hell of a rock ëní roll band, so if you like guitars and raw power, be here. PLAN B: Active Child, Low Roar @ The Irenic. Active Child rides that blurry line between alternative R&B and chillwave, which might be enough to call this thing off altogether. But the man's got some hypnotic, soulful gems, so if you're looking for a more sultry evening, this is the one. BACKUP PLAN: Ghoul, Dr. Know, Phobia @ Til-Two Club.

Thursday, June 4

PLAN A: Crowbar, Battlecross, Lord Dying @ Til-Two Club. New Orleans' Crowbar is one of the greatest metal bands to come up in the '90s, and their album Odd Fellows Rest is one of the best melodic sludge albums you're likely to hear. It's slow, it's raw and it's amazing. PLAN B: "June Gloom" w/ Innerds, Tron, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Self Esteem, DJ Operating Thetan @ The Hideout. Sam Lopez has really been ramping up the Stay Strange events lately, and fans of dark, leftfield music should take note. This one is loaded with some gnarly electronic bands thatíll make your Thursday evening weirder, and therefore better. BACKUP PLAN: The Rentals, Rey Pila, Radiation City @ The Irenic.

Friday, June 5

PLAN A: Christopher Owens, Devon Williams @ The Casbah. Christopher Owens is the former frontman for San Francisco's Girls, and he's been known to write some powerfully emotional, psychedelic rock songs. His solo material has been a little all over the place, but if he's done it before, he can do it again. PLAN B: Mrs. Magician, Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects @ Soda Bar. Hey look—it's a Mr. and Mrs. show! Two great local bands with great sounds, paired up for a night of jams and debauchery. BACKUP PLAN: July Talk, My Goodness @ The Hideout.

Saturday, June 6

PLAN A: Dispirit, Lycus, Volahn @ The Merrow. More doom? More doom! I'm convinced you're not getting enough of the recommended daily intake, so get a boost of it with Oakland's Lycus, whose epic, slow-moving metal will roar throughout University Ave. PLAN B: Patrick Watson, Villagers @ The Casbah. Singer/songwriter Patrick Watson recently released Love Songs for Robots, a haunting album that combines the ambiance of dream pop with the sad sincerity of great country ballads. He's a great songwriter, though even better than his songs are his arrangements, which are elaborate and gorgeous. BACKUP PLAN: Agent Orange, Henchmen, Authentic Sellout, Surrounded by Thieves @ Brick by Brick.

Sunday, June 7

PLAN A: Sam Prekop, Panabrite, Bit Maps @ The Casbah. Sam Prekop is best known as the vocalist for The Sea and Cake, though his solo material is in a similar vein—breezy, jazz-influenced pop with electronic elements. His latest album, The Republic, is much weirder and more experimental, but either way, it's well-crafted, impressive stuff. BACKUP PLAN: Little People, Yppah, 9 Theory @ Soda Bar. 

Monday, june 8

PLAN A: Everymen, La Ballena de Jonas, The Thief's Lineage, Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanists, Pennyfarthing Gang, Marrissa @ Soda Bar. I count six acts on this bill, which might be a lot to take, but it's worth going for Florida's Everymen, who play upbeat bluegrass punk that reminds me of 16 Horsepower. Definitely not a bad thing.

Tuesday, june 9

PLAN A: AJ Froman, Sycamore, Daniel Schraer @ Soda Bar. AJ Froman isn't a person, it's a band, though I can see why you might reach that conclusion. Anyhow, AJ Froman is also a very good band, with some psychedelic, bluesy, atmospheric vibes that hit all the right notes.

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