June 3 2015 11:47 AM

Photographer captured the Peña brothers for this week's issue


Photographer Stacy Keck shot the Out Here brothers for this week's cover feature on San Diegans who are doing exciting cultural things in Tijuana. Armed with her Canon 5D Mark II, the local shooter didn't need much convincing when it came to the idea of a Mexico adventure. "I was lured to the shoot with the promise of churros and tostilocos, but the real treat was meeting Daniel and David [Peña]," says Keck. "I'll be keeping a close eye on these two and the magic they'll surely continue to create across the border." And yes, as evidenced by the photo above, we did buy her some churros. You can check out more of Keck's excellent work at stacykeckphoto.com.



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