June 15 2015 07:31 AM

The Stay Classy cocktail is Ron Burgundy-approved

Bartender Keaton Matz and a Balboa Constrictor
Photo by Jen Guerin

Even though the sequel to Anchorman sucked, all things Ron Burgundy leave me in a glass case of emotions. So when it was noted that Banker's Hill Bar + Restaurant serves a new cocktail called Stay Classy, I calculated there are literally thousands of other drinks I could sample, but I was 72 percent sure I would love this one. 

The dark, chill Banker's Hill is co-owned by Terryl Gavre (She also co-owns Bake Sale in East Village and will always be the lady with a waffle on her head from old billboards for her downtown breakfast place Café 222). Gavre recently hired Kris Rizzato to be her bar manager. He comes from Spoonbar, inside Northern California's h2hotel. Rizzato has introduced a few new signature cocktails. One is a Comic-Conic nod to Game of Thrones. The Infamous Drogon is made with Famous Grouse Scotch, Cocchi Rosa, China-China liqueur, lemon and grapefruit. 

A really good-looking cocktail with a playful name is the Balboa Constrictor: Ron Matusalem Platino Rum, Ancho Reyes Chili liqueur (burns so good!), Luxardo Maraschino, grapefruit oleo, lemon and mint. 

But bartender Keaton Matz concocted the drink I was there to imbibe, and was sure would feel so good going down, down in my belly. 

"The Stay Classy cocktail is like a sweet Manhattan variation," says Matz. "It starts with a cinnamoninfused rye whiskey and then we top it off with a walnut bitters float, which contains simple syrup and in-house-made vanilla syrup to sweeten and bitter up the cocktail. I think Ron Burgundy would enjoy this very much. He would probably have it with a steak, even though it's a dessert cocktail."

If Mr. Burgundy enjoyed this libation as much as I did, after chugging it down he'd also have some milky white walnut-bittersfloat foam on his moustache, as well as a dollop of foam on the tip of his nose. 

Indeed. Thanks for stopping by.


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