June 30 2015 05:04 PM

Jacco Gardner, Bleak, The Picturebooks and other shows we're stoked about this week

Birdy Bardot

Wednesday, July 1

PLAN A: Jacco Gardner, Calvin Love, The Slashes @ The Casbah. Read last week's feature by Scott McDonald on Dutch singer/songwriter Jacco Gardner. His music is psychedelic, but accessible, with lots of interesting nuances. Great to get lost in. PLAN B: Crime Desire, VHS, Keepers, Age of Collapse @ Soda Bar. If you need something a bit sweatier, more aggressive and a hell of a lot louder, head to Soda Bar for a night of hardcore and metal. Crime Desire specialize in 90-second blasts of crossover thrash and d-beat hardcore. I guarantee there's going to be a pit at this show; your participation is optional.

Thursday, July 2

PLAN A: Sannhet, King Woman, Planning for Burial @ Soda Bar. Read my feature on heavy post-rock trio Sannhet, whose new album Revisionist is a powerful and emotional set of instrumentals. Get to the show early enough to see King Woman, whose shoegazing doom is also a thing to behold. PLAN B: Sundrop Electric, Say Vinyl, Flames of Durga @ The Casbah. It says a lot that there are so many psychedelic rock bands in town, and they're all pretty good. Maybe this is where the good stash is hidden? Anyhow, Sundrop Electric have been making psychedelic rock with elements of post-punk and electronics for a few years, and they're well worth checking out. BACKUP PLAN: Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Decent Criminal, Caskitt, Castoff @ The Hideout.

Friday, July 3

PLAN A: The Appleseed Cast, Adjy, Coaster @ Soda Bar. Post-rock/emo outfit The Appleseed Cast have a long history of stunning (and underrated) pop songs with intricate instrumentation and dreamy textures. Start with pretty much any of their albums and you'll find something to love. Then come to the show, of course. PLAN B: Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact, Birdy Bardot, The Midnight Pine, Erik Canzona and the Narrows, Creature and the Woods @ The Casbah. The newly launched Redwoods Music is hosting a label showcase of sorts this evening, which also happens to be the release show for Birdy Bardot's new album. Come early and settle in for a night of great music. BACKUP PLAN: Mac Sabbath, Fooz Fighters @ Brick by Brick.

Saturday, July 4

PLAN A: Beers, BBQ, Blowin' shit up @ Your House. On the 4th of July, your live music options are limited—there are probably a few house parties where you can see a live band, if you have your ear to the ground. So I recommend taking the day off, having a cold one, watching fireworks and just chillin'.

Sunday, July 5

PLAN A: The Picturebooks, Space Wax @ Soda Bar. The Picturebooks are a rowdy, hard-rocking German duo with a lot of reverence for American blues. If you wished that the Black Keys were a bit more stark, and with an industrial stomp, it might sound something like this.

Monday, July 6

PLAN A: Church Night, The Gorgeous Boyscouts @ Soda Bar. Church Night on a Monday? Indeed, only it's a band we're talking about, and not the actual act of religious worship. They're a local garage rock group worth keeping an eye on. Don't let your case of the Mondays win.

Tuesday, July 7 

PLAN A: Bleak, Colombian Necktie, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Man vs. Man @ Soda Bar. Bleak live up to their name, with slow, menacing sludge metal that brutalizes, and in no particular hurry! But there are other great bands worth checking out, like L.A.'s Colombian Necktie and local favorites Deep Sea Thunder Beast. Gonna be gnar. PLAN B: Juan Wauters, Walter TV, Bloom @ The Hideout. Uruguayan singer/songwriter Juan Wauters knows his way around a melody, and the proof is in the handful of full-length albums he's released, which are chock full of lo-fi, super-catchy tunes. If you're in the mood for some jangle, he won't disappoint you.

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