June 30 2015 06:13 PM

Self-titled album due later this month

Sacri Monti
Photo by Dana Trippe

Sacri Monti has signed to Tee Pee Records. The psychedelic rock outfit, who previously released a four-song EP on cassette via Under the Gun Records, are joining their peers in Earthless and Joy, who have also released albums via New York-based Tee Pee, which specializes in psych- and stoner-rock music. Guitarist Brendan Dellar says the label deal came about as a result of being "at the right place at the right time" and having friends that put them on Tee Pee's radar. He also says the talent that has come through the label in the past is what makes it exciting.

"Its a real honor being on this label," Dellar says, in an email interview. "I think it will push us to write better music because the bar has been set so high by all of the other great bands."

On July 24, Tee Pee will release the band's self-titled debut album. One of the benefits of releasing the album through a proper label is that it afforded the band more freedom in the studio, and assistance in financing it. The band recorded with engineer Jordan Andreen at Audio Design, and being able to have the benefits of a professional studio environment allowed them to do the album the way they wanted to.

"It was incredible to be able to take our time and really dial in the sounds that we wanted," he says. "It was a first for most of us in the band to be able to play with all the amazing analog equipment and hear the amazing tone of tape! I can't thank 'em enough for providing us with that experience."

Those who have heard Sacri Monti's music might have some idea of what to expect from the album: Loud guitars, lots of effects, elements of Krautrock and prog. But Dellar says that the album is even more of a sensory listening experience than their early recordings suggested.

"I think we really wanted it to be a really crazy stereo adventure; lots of panning guitar solos, echoplexes oscillating, Hammond organ, leslie speakers on vocals," he says. "We pretty much got super excited when we saw all the toys in the studio and tried to use everything. I guess you could call it psychedelic or heavy or whatever you want."

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