June 30 2015 06:32 PM

We ask bands what songs they never want to hear again


This is a recurring feature in which we ask musicians to name a song they never want to hear again.

Santino Romeri, The Most Hi/Illuminauts: "All I Need" by Radiohead. "I'm such a huge Radiohead fan that I've slept outside (more than once) to see them play, but 'All I Need' makes me feel terrible every time I hear it. It seems to have become a fan favorite but despite the beauty of the melody and relatability of the lyrics, the end result is just too damn heavy for my little heart to handle."

Laura Levenhagen, Le Chateau: "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga. "It's just so fucking terrible. It's a Top 40 Song, and I get it—it's a human psychological thing. There's an equation that we all catch onto and love. But that song just makes me want to punch through a wall. I'm sure there's much worse songs, but that one is on my mind as the last song I'd want to hear."

Brennan Gervasi, Ultragash: "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's. "It screams '2005' and of course that's when the track was released. Somehow Plain White T's managed to attract the stoner crowd, as I have seen a number of times the same people who just won't let Sublime go love the shit out of this song. I don't understand it. Kill this soft anthem of sadness. I hope Delilah found a new dude."

Esteban Flores, Monochromacy: "Santeria" by Sublime. "'Santeria' makes me physically ill. I begin to shudder just when I hear the opening riff and soft humming. And it seems this song plays EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME."

Nathan Wettstead, Amerikan Bear: Any song by Eagles. ìAnything but the Eagles, man. I donít care, I just hate them and I hope you hate me for hating them.î


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