July 1 2015 11:11 AM

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I think what is wrong with San Diego State University student Anthony Berteaux's statement is that he made it a righteous demand, when he should have said it was his opinion [What's the deal with Seinfeld bashing?" June 24]. Insult-comedy shticks are something we could do very well without. The problem is that they are funny when good talent tells it. But the brand of comedy is not essential to the health of our society, or entertainment.

By the way, this thing about free speech is way out of hand: we are free of government control over speech, but not from each other; we have laws, and should have more.

As we all know, we are free to change our behavior, and Bill Maher, who I enjoy to a limit, has the right to call Tony a "Shit," but should he, even if government can do nothing about it, and we can, if we want to, throw a pie in his face? (at least Berteaux is a little shit.) Should the word "shit" itself be in the public arena?

As for Maher chewing out a man who speaks his mind, just how right is Maher to make absolute statements of his own opinions?

Let's get rid of the idea that free speech among us is constitutional. It's not; I don't see the Bill of Rights as applying to us, but to government.

I agree with Anthony Berteaux's judgment. Liberals will destroy America with their liberal progressiveness; we should have progress in quality, not permissiveness. In my opinion.

Saul Harmon Gritz, Hillcrest


A quick letter regarding CityBeat's Volume 13, Issue 46 [June 24]. First, on the letter to the editor "Project 25 First," everyone in California pays taxes some way, some how. When you flip a dollar to your homeless friend sleeping in front of your house, Uncle Sam gets a percentage through sales tax almost everywhere he can spend it.

Second, on the news story "Flush With Contradictions" [by Joshua Emerson Smith], even San Diego City College had a problem with their free and unlocked men's bathrooms a few years back. The San Diego Police Department vice squad ran a sting, the story was reported in the media and married dudes still in the closet stopped frequenting the campus for that reason. Relocating a public bathroom because of crime is a surrender to criminal element.

Last, but not least, I'm happy that ["There She Goz" columnist] Alex Zaragoza is alive, well and still writing for you. She's my favorite!

Benny A. McFadden, Downtown San Diego

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