July 7 2015 06:22 PM

Keyboardist exits band, remaining members change course

Ed Ghost Tucker
Michaela Wilson, second from left, left Ed Ghost Tucker earlier this year.

Ed Ghost Tucker is now The Lulls. The local group, formerly a quartet, was faced with a dilemma earlier this year when keyboardist Michaela Wilson moved to San Luis Obispo. While bass player Cameron Wilson, guitarist Rutger Rosenborg and drummer Ryan Miller planned to continue playing music together, they had to ask themselves whether they wanted to continue using the Ed Ghost Tucker name.

"From an artistic standpoint, when does a name stop defining what it once defined?" Rosenborg asks, in a phone interview from Portland, in between tour dates (their first shows as The Lulls). "We had to decide if we were going to continue with Ed Ghost Tucker or if ... this is an opportunity to start new, start fresh."

Ultimately the trio decided not just to stop using the name, but to make a completely fresh start. Ed Ghost Tucker's songs, which prominently featured Michaela Wilson's keyboards and vocals, are being phased out, and after the second and final Ed Ghost Tucker EP is released later this year, will no longer be a part of the band's live show.

"We're done with those songs," Cameron Wilson says. "The new sound is much more open. Ed Ghost Tucker had a lot of focus on different parts. There were a lot of things going on—it was like putting puzzle pieces together."

On Aug. 1, The Lulls will play their first show in San Diego at Soda Bar, and the band also plans to release their first music as The Lulls that day. And while one chapter of the band is coming to an end, Rosenborg emphasizes that there are no plans for the three of them to stop making music together.

"Just because Ed Ghost Tucker is done, doesn't mean we've stopped making music, or will stop," he says. "We'll just keep remaking ourselves into whatever is best for everyone."

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