July 8 2015 10:35 AM

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Join the party

While I laud Chad Peace's goal that elections serve the people rather than the political parties [Political parties block your fundamental right to vote, July 1], I disagree with his thesis and method.

Peace wrote: "Primary elections in New Jersey serve an explicitly private purpose; namely, to elect candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties. This gives two private corporations an exclusive advantage over the election process."

This is absolutely correct. Primary elections were established by political parties as an internal process to choose candidates for those general elections. Voting in actual general elections, as established in our Constitution, is an absolute right that should be available to everyone of voting age. They are NOT the same and should not by equated, as Mr. Peace's article wrongly does.

To vote in a primary election one does not even need to join the party, only to register with that party for the purpose of voting in the party's primary. I did exactly that for many years, registering as Democrat before the June primary, then simply re-registering as Green.

And, while gerrymandering is a genuine and serious problem, the real fix for voter apathy is to recognize the shift away from the two-party system by changing our winner-takes-all representation to a more democratic proportional structure used by European nations. The major political parties have become huge bureaucracies and, as we know, the first task of any bureaucracy is to perpetuate itself.

Michael-Leonard Creditor, Clairemont

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