July 8 2015 10:54 AM

Collect pictures from the convention for a chance to win $100


Art director Carolyn Ramos designed this week's cover as a Comic-Con bingo card. As CityBeat's first-ever interactive cover, we're running an experiment and asking readers who either attend the Con, or find themselves somehow surrounded by the costumed hoards, to snap photos of any or all of the elements illustrated on the bingo card. Upload the photos to either Instagram or Twitter with the #sdccbingo hashtag and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card from Karl Strauss Brewing Company. The more photos you upload, the more times your name will appear in the proverbial hat, so the steadfast shutterbugs who do manage to complete a row, column, diagonal or even the elusive blackout will be more likely to win. Here's a more detailed description of what's pictured on the cover:

1. Getting busted with a selfie stick: Selfie sticks were officially banned by Comic-Con organizers, but we're confident you can find someone waving their vanity wand inside those crowded halls.

2. Superheroes donating blood: There's an annual blood drive at Comic-Con. Pro tip: it happens Thursday through Sunday at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in the Grand C Ballroom.

3. Celeb Selfie: Snap a selfie with an A, B, C or even D-list celebrity. Photo-bomb selfies with unknowing celebs in the background are also acceptable.

4. Imperator Furiosa with a convincing robot arm: Bonus points if the Mad Max cosplayer's electronic appendage actually works.

5. Star Wars baby: Any character counts, and by "baby" we mean a small child still in diapers.

6. Christian Protestors: There are probably more religious picketers holding signs outside of the Convention Center than there are actual independent comic-book artists inside.

7. Zombie eating human food: Find a walker enjoying a hamburger, hotdog or any human food that isn't actually a human. 

8. Best badge flair: We're looking for fans who aren't afraid to let their enthusiasm-flag fly. Keep an eye out for shirts filled with pins, wrist bands worn as badges of honor or someone who's done something creative with their official Comic-Con badge.


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