July 15 2015 12:29 PM

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Here we go again, poor Aaryn Belfer, Backwards & In High Heels, lamenting in her column "Joy mixed with pain" [July 1] about the social injustices perpetrated by our country. She seems to revel in her anguish and is mystified about how "we exist in the world with such discord and still function." At the same time she enjoys the privilege of raising her family in her exclusive community, far from the injustices endured by those she seeks to protect. How do her neighbors tolerate her nonsense?

I found it particularly hypocritical when she proclaimed how she flew into San Francisco to attend the gay wedding of her closest friends. As she herself states, the crowds were huge, lines of thousands winding around city hall waiting their turn to get married. As she describes, "As it happened, our friends had a hook up in the District Attorney's Office. That hook up had begun quiet negotiations for our little group to be spirited through a side door and into a shorter line where marriage licenses were being dispensed."

Typical Aaryn. I wonder if the thousands patiently waiting their turns wished they were "hooked up" enough to leapfrog over their fellow celebrants. Must be nice to have the opportunity to use her connections at the expense of others.

Sort of reminded me of the illegal immigration problem in this country she so proudly defends. Tens of thousands lined up, waiting patiently for their turns, but doing so legally, while others simply decide to ignore the process and serve their own personal needs at the expense of others who are denied entry. Many of those in line are from the far corners of the world, represented by every skin color, religion and sexual orientation. They respect our laws and hope and pray for the opportunity and privilege to become part of this country legally.

So Aaryn, next time you "hook up," remember those behind you. No more or less important than her majesty. Backward & In High Heels, a true hypocrite.

Randy Zawis, Spring Valley

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