July 20 2015 07:27 PM

Steven Churchill and Doug Simay's cozy new pop-up exhibitions featuring works from their private collections

Simay-Churchill Exhibition
Doug Simay (right) and Steven Churchill (second to right) at their pop-up exhibition inside Churchill's home
Photo by Patricia Churchill

Standing inside his bathroom, Steven Churchill is showing me a few photos from his personal collection.

"The work always has a story," he says of the limited-edition prints by artists like Mariela Sancari and Emma Hardy. "That's what interests me; to hear why people do what they do."

Churchill, who organizes the annual The Art of Photography Show—which is currently on hiatus while he builds an app—has amassed an impressive art collection over the years. It's so large, much of it sits in storage. He recently approached his friend and fellow collector, Doug Simay, who also has a huge, hard-to-manage collection, with an idea for an art exhibition held in his home.

The two pulled the show off last Saturday, staging a one-night exhibition of works by international and local artists, including Dan Camp, Irina Negulescu, Ernest Silva and others. They hope other collectors will be able to enjoy the work more than they could.

"Like this piece has been in storage forever," Simay says, pointing to a large painting by Rosann Berry. "I haven't even looked at it for 25 years...It's time to let it go."

The pair says they'll likely host future pop-up exhibitions featuring works from their collections (those interested should email collectors@stevenchurchill.com).

"I think seeing art in someone's home makes it real," Churchill says. "It's not just on the wall for examination like in a museum. There's more of a connection between the arts and your real life and it shows what art can and should do for you."


Photo courtesy of Steven Churchill

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