Inspired and the Sleep

Inspired and the Sleep is preparing to release a new EP. The new six-track release is titled Eyelid Kid, and it's due for release in October in CD and digital formats (a vinyl release is likely to come later). Eyelid Kid follows the local indie outfit's previous EP, 2014's Coming Up for Air, but in a phone interview with CityBeat, singer/songwriter Max Greenhalgh says that it wasn't originally going to be released under the Inspired and the Sleep name.

"These songs were intended for a totally different project," he says. "Eyelid Kid was going to be the name of the project but we got a cease-and-desist letter from someone who already had the name, so we decided to revert back to the Inspired project."

The band has already released two songs from the EP, "Time Travel" and "Sleeps Well on Knives," which premiered on Spin and Noisey (Vice's music blog), respectively. And there's a change in tone from the band's prior releases, which Greenhalgh says is the reason why he and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault almost went with a different name for the project.

"The songs sounded a little different. It's a similar style of songwriting, but it was just darker," he says. "There was a different aesthetic. It was just kind of its own thing."

The two songs that have been released thus far have videos, and there are three more that will be released between now and the EP's street date. The band reached out to independent filmmakers from all over the world, including locales such as Brazil, New York City, Australia and the UK. And though Greenhalgh won't reveal too much about the upcoming videos, he's pleased with the result.

"We're really happy with how everything came out," he says.

Inspired and the Sleep will play at Soda Bar on Saturday, Aug. 1. 

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