July 28 2015 05:06 PM

Melt Banana, Stiff Little Fingers, The Lulls and other shows we're stoked about this week

Spank Rock

Wednesday, July 29

PLAN A: Melt Banana, Torche, Death Eyes @ The Casbah. Miss the first Melt Banana and Torche show? You're in luck—there's a second one. The Japanese noisecore band and Miami sludge rockers are doubling up on amplifier-blowing madness, so don't mess up and miss this one. PLAN B: Say Anything, Modern Baseball, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Hard Girls @ House of Blues. Here we have one classic emo group (Say Anything), one emo revival group (Modern Baseball), and one group that's not really emo but shares some of the characteristics (Cymbals Eat Guitars). So basically, if you like guitars, and boys with feelings, youíre covered one way or another.

Thursday, July 30

PLAN A: Stiff Little Fingers, The Executives @ Belly Up Tavern. In High Fidelity, nerdy record store clerk Dick woos the similarly nerdy Anna Moss by playing her Stiff Little Fingers' "Suspect Device." It's hard not to get behind a punk rock courtship like that. I highly recommend you bring your sweetheart to see the Belfast punk legends. PLAN B: Zongo Junction, Taurus Authority @ The Hideout. And now, from punk to funk. Brooklyn's Zongo Junction does psychedelic afrobeat jams that echo the deep grooves of Fela Kuti, but with their own unique twist. Add local outfit Taurus Authority to the lineup, and what you've got is a funk that won't stop. BACKUP PLAN: Green Jelly, Chica Diabla, Vic Viper @ Brick by Brick.  

Friday, July 31

PLAN A: Spank Rock, Parker and the Numberman, Zochi, DJ Openoptics @ Soda Bar. Baltimore's Spank Rock made a splash around 2006 for some highly danceable hip-hop jams with oversexed lyrics. If you're ready to get nasty, this is the show to get down with your bad self. PLAN B: The Loons, The Sound Reasons, Amerikan Bear, Operation Mindblow Liquid Lightshow @ Til-Two Club. High energy, psychedelic garage rock, with a trippy visual show to boot. It'll be like stepping into a lava lamp.

Saturday, Aug. 1

PLAN A: The Lulls, Inspired and the Sleep, Moon Honey @ Soda Bar. Three out of four members of Ed Ghost Tucker are re-branding as The Lulls, and this is their debut show in San Diego. I've been a fan since their earlier shows, so I highly recommend you check out the next phase of the group, plus hear some new Inspired and the Sleep tunes while you're at it.  BACKUP PLAN: Cold Showers, Night School, Keepers @ The Hideout.

Sunday, Aug. 2

PLAN A: Coliseum, Culture Abuse, Super Unison @ Soda Bar. Kentucky post-hardcore group Coliseum have a nice balance of beastly hardcore thunder and nuanced, melodic sensibilities. They've veered more in a dark post-punk direction of late, but they'll most certainly make a hell of a lot of noise. PLAN B: Appendixes, Witness 9, DJs Mario Orduno, Jon Blaj @ Whistle Stop. Portland's Appendixes have a pretty, yet still endearingly ragged dream-pop sound that blends fuzzy guitars with spacey synthesizers. Squint and you might think you're back in the '80s. BACKUP PLAN: Mondo Drag, Slow Season, Red Wizard @ Tower Bar.

Monday, Aug. 3

PLAN A: Triptides, Sleeping Bag, Love Moon, DJ Kenichi Ricci @ The Hideout. It's all right there in the name: Trip (Psychedelic rock) + Tides (Surf rock) = A jangly fun time. PLAN B: The Delta Saints, The Whiskey Circle, Babe the Band @ Soda Bar. Read Meghan Roos' feature this week on Nashville's Delta Saints, who blend the influence of Delta blues with a modern rock sound that adds up to something fun and hard-rocking. 

Tuesday, Aug. 4

PLAN A: The International Swingers, The Bassics, The Midways @ Soda Bar. A supergroup featuring members of The Sex Pistols and Blondie. 'Nuff said! 

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